Gold Coins

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The idea of Meracai and our Zodiac collection came not long after we welcomed my daughter to the world. It started with my husband’s Italian family celebrating the birth by giving us presents in form of solid 18K gold coins.

I had never seen that before, but as my husband so nicely explained: It was a very ancient Italian tradition to give gold coins to newborns. Reason being that since dawn of time the Italians have experienced corruption, an unstable government, mafia – well, you name it and they have tried it, hence they do not have the biggest trust in the system. So to give newborns and their parents a little piece of mind, they give 18K solid gold coin as a savings for the baby.

Now, when a friend of mine was giving birth, I wanted to give her newborn baby a gold coin. Nevertheless, having our coins sitting in my daughter’s closet and not serving much purpose, I figured: Why not give something in solid gold that she can actually use until the day comes when they might need it.

Since we live in Singapore a zodiac sign of a small goat, for the year the daughter was born, would be a perfect mix between our traditions and culture here versus the ones back home.

It turned out to be an impossible task.

Nowhere in Singapore, or online, was I able to find a bracelet that fulfilled my requirements. I went to a jeweler to have a bracelet custom made and quickly learned that the cost far exceeded my budget.

That’s when the idea of Meracai started; a platform for everyone to upload their designs and, if the idea gets enough votes and interest, to be produced as a part of our limited edition collection.

Our Zodiac collection is made of solid 18K gold – so that the little animals may serve as a form of savings for you or your kids. Depending on your taste and budget, you can choose either a gold bracelet or a silk ribbon as bracelet. Either way, they are bound to make the receiver happy!

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